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You've Got the Drip

Have you heard anyone say that recently? One of our children's friends said it the other day and we had to know what he meant! Basically, it means "You've got the swagger" or that you're cool. Interestingly enough, drip is also a method of brewing coffee, so you know we're going to make a play on words with this one!

We're going to show you a few tips for brewing coffee using the drip method so that you'll officially have "the drip" or the swagger when it comes to your morning cup. The best part is, using the drip method isn't overly fancy but it can produce a pretty great cup of coffee if you follow these simple steps.

First, let's start with the coffee itself. You'll want to make sure your coffee is as fresh as possible. One way to do that is to purchase whole bean coffee that you can grind fresh yourself each morning. If you wish to purchase already ground coffee, try to purchase it locally from a roaster so that you know it is fresh and hasn't been sitting on a grocery store shelf for weeks or even months. Whatever type of coffee you prefer (blonde roast, dark roast or anything in between), making sure your coffee is fresh is the first step to creating the best coffee at home!

You can order freshly roasted coffee directly from our website to your doorstep {or to pick up in our St. Albans shop} simply by visiting our shop:

Now let's get brewing!

There is a variety of brewing methods when it comes to coffee, but the one you're like most familiar with is drip coffee. Drip is what is made by a traditional "coffee pot"that pours hot water over coffee grounds and allows it to drip through the filter into the pot. Drip coffee brewing is typically quick and requires less "hands-on" time than other brewing methods making it one of the most common in-home brewing methods.

One of our favorite coffee pots for making drip coffee is a grind-and-brew pot like this one from Cuisinart. It will grind your coffee fresh for you, so that you can skip that additional step. Then it automatically brews the freshly ground coffee. It even has a programable setting so that your coffee automatically grinds, brews and is ready for you when you wake up! Who doesn't want to wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee?!?

It requires a flat bottom filter and daily cleaning of the grinder. We have found it to be our favorite way to brew a 12-cup pot of drip coffee at home.

You can purchase one here or find one locally where coffee pots are typically sold. There are other options for grind and brew pots that can also be found in our Amazon Storefront

If you're looking to use the coffee maker you already have, but want freshly ground coffee there are a few options: purchase coffee that is freshly ground in store or purchase a small coffee grinder like this one or this one. With a grinder, you can grind as much as you wish to brew at a time while your beans stay fresh in an air-tight storage container.

**Some of the links in this article will take you to our Amazon Storefront. Items purchased from those links will give us a small commission. It will not affect the price you pay. It's simply Amazon's way of thanking us for recommending the product to you. **

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