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Order Your Coffee Like a Pro

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop and felt overwhelmed? Maybe even intimidated?

The world of coffee can be overwhelming and complex. Every shop has a different system for ordering, different names for things ("Do you say 'small' or 'tall'?), and event different offerings. It can be hard to know what or even how to order.

When you walk into CRCC, we never want you to feel intimidated. Our baristas are always there to help you choose something you'll love!

AND we've created this handy little guide for ordering that will help you feel a bit more confident when you come to the register. It's just five simple steps that will take you from overwhelm to poised when you step up to place your order. After these tips, we will give you a couple examples of drink orders so you'll catch our drift.

  1. Start with size. Before you state anything else about your drink, its best to tell use what size. Why? There's several reasons, but for starters, its where we start the drink making process -- selecting the cup on which to write your order.

  2. Hot or iced? This is a step many folks overlook when ordering. If you do that, don't worry. We always ask the question, "Would you like that hot or iced?" when it isn't already apparent by your order. Stating which type of drink you are hoping for in the beginning of your order helps avoid confusion at the espresso bar and helps us select the correct cup for your drink.

  3. Choose your flavor. Adding flavors to your drink comes before we add anything else to your cup. So choosing your flavors early in the ordering process helps to clarify exactly what you are ordering. If you aren't looking to add any flavors, you can skip this step.

  4. Type of drink. Now you can finally tell us the drink you want! It seems odd that this step comes so late in the process, right? But trust us when we say to end your order with your drink type rather than start it that way.

  5. Add ons. Finally, if you want anything additional in your drink that doesn't come with it, state it at the end. Extra flavor, add whipped cream, make with oat milk. All of these things that are different from the "base model" (so to speak) should be stated at the end of the ordering process.

You ready for a few examples? Here we go!

If you want a latte with vanilla syrup served over ice and made with almond milk in a size large, you should order like this: "I'd like a large iced vanilla latte made with almond milk, please". Or perhaps you are wanting a mocha latte with extra drizzle and whipped cream. You could say this: "Yes, I'll take a medium hot mocha with whipped cream and extra chocolate drizzle."

Now you're ready to step into any coffee shop with confidence in your drink ordering skills! No more barista intimidation. You're equipped with everything you need to order your favorite coffee like a pro.

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